Local Used Auto Parts Supplier

Joes Auto Wrecker Used Auto Parts

Are you looking to save money on used auto parts, aftermarket parts, or other used auto supply’s? Joes Auto Wrecker, located on the border of the Bronx, in Mount Vernon, is the largest used auto parts supplier in the area.

Our auto salvage yard contains virtually every auto part you may need. And if we do not have it in our auto salvage yard, or have the used auto part you need onsite, we have access to a national inventory of used auto parts so we can locate your part fast.

The benefits of coming to Joes Auto Wrecker is that we will get you the auto part you need at a big savings. You see many times a car gets into an accident, let’s say a front end collision, yet almost the entire rear end of the car is spotless.

Now because of the massive damage the automobile received, the car is ‘junked’. Auto yards like ours will purchase the car and strip it down, and that muffler, tail light, or even back window you need can now purchased for a fraction of the retail price.

And it’s in perfect condition!

This is the benefit of finding a local auto salvage & auto wrecker yard in your area, discount prices on all the auto parts you need!

Local Used Auto Parts Supplier

So remember when you are looking to buy used auto parts in Westchester, NYC, Long Island or the surrounding areas you can always drive visit us in Mount Vernon. We are you’re local used auto parts supplier!

Local Used Auto Parts SupplierAnd don’t worry if you cannot drive to use because you’re too far away, you can always call us and when of our auto parts experts will locate the part you need, and ship it off to you fast.

And don’t forget that Joes Auto Wrecker pays top dollar for your junk automobiles, or other cars that you want to sell. We vale our customers and look to form life-long relationships with you. When you want to work with the best auto parts & auto wrecker then you want to work with Joes!

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